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The fish have landed :D

Hello Everyone!

Apologies for the long delay, the internet has been thoroughly atrocious and I’ve been waiting to get some decent photos, which sadly have not materialised…

We have fish!! After many days of waiting, the ammonia levels (toxic to fish) dropped to zero, whilst the levels of nitrates (plant food) were through the roof!! Obviously I saw the test, got excited and started to fill the fish tank in preparation for the new arrivals. Next day I woke up at 6am to meet a local fish farmer, got everything sorted as happy as you like. On arriving back at the fish tank, I realised there were hairline cracks in the tank and we’d just lost half the water, along with the nutrients I’d painstakingly been accumulating there. ARGH. Plus, now we had nowhere to put the fish, who were already starting to get a bit stressed from being moved around in a bucket. There was only one solution: put them in the sump – under the farm.

So, the fish went under the farm, where they quickly found every hiding place possible while I went out to find a solution to the leaky tank. Then it was a simple case of carrying yet another 600 litres uphill with buckets to refill everything. Then 5 hours on my knees with a bucket draining the sump tank, scaring tilapia with a stick and snatching unsuspecting fish by hand. Needless to say this was rather stressful for the fish who then spent the next 2 days hiding under a pipe and refusing to eat.Still we now have 25 tilapia swimming around, and I expect the nitrate levels to rise as they eat more and more, hopefully propelling growth for the vanilla! Until next time! Bridge p.s. I waited for days to try and get an actual photo of the fish, but they hide behind the siphon pipes every time I get close