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Neeeearly there


Sorry for the delays, the internet has been patchy as hell and I’ve only just regained most of my internet faculties!

I say G’day because, after a mere 12 days, I got my stones! All I had to do was pay two lovely men $3 to use a medieval cart to haul the stones back, by hand, through a track with mud the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the Battle of Ypres, something that had simply been impossible for the venders to do with their full-blown modern tractor. Before I forget! Before I chose these misbegotten stones, I had tested them to make sure they wouldn’t mess with the chemistry of the water. It was quite simple really, I stuck the stones in vinegar for a few hours, since there were no bubbles, there was no calcium --> no problem!

While waiting for what has felt like forever, we got a lot done. Firstly, the growing beds got lined, then I put the pipes in place – super easy stuff! Then we had to get all the pumps and solar panels set up in the tanks and on the house respectively, and then make a special box to keep the batteries and other goodies safe so someone can’t just hop the fence and walk off with it all!With the glacial arrival of the gravel, it meant I could finally plant. It also meant my time struggling with tweaking the siphon that gets the water out of the tank could finally begin. This literally took the whole of yesterday. I’ll circle back to the siphon in another post, but long story short, THE FARM IS BUILT.At this point, I have added some fertilisers and there are no fish yet. In order to convert the fishes waste into a form the plants can use, I have to cultivate bacterial colonies in the growing beds. In order to do this, I have added liquid seaweed, which not only has everything the vanilla vines need, but also tiny amounts of ammonia. The ammonia will attract the bacteria I want; bacteria who can change ammonia a.k.a fish waste into nitrates a.k.a plant food. Since this process will take roughly another week to complete, and since ammonia is toxic to fish in its current concentrations, I will have to wait until nitrates start appearing in the system to know that the bacteria have moved in, only then can I get cracking on!TL;DR - farm is done, fish'll be here in a week,So yes, a lot’s been going on the last few days, and hopefully more good news to come in the near future.

Speak soon, Bridge