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It's all coming together

Hello from the other side (of the Equator)!

In the last few days there have some interesting developments and some somewhat mixed news. Firstly, I have been able to finally track down a plastic container big enough to house all the fish that I can actually afford! This is good because the price of wood here is phenomenally high.

The reason the cost of wood is so high is because the vanilla harvest just came in and so a lot of local people are very flush with cash that is burning a hole in their pocket. Since the largest denomination of cash here is essentially a $3 bill, people are literally buying motorbikes and TVs with carrier bags full of money. But they are also buying bricks, cement and above all – wood, it is house extension season in Andapa!

The (more) bad news is that immediately after harvest season, the vanilla plants re-flower. This means almost no-one is willing to part with these precious vines for at least another month (when they can sell me those vines that did not flower). However, I can’t wait yet another month! Therefore I either have to wait or pay up *exasperated sighs*…As a result, I am having to get rather crafty and am using offcuts and plastic sheets to make boxes large enough to house everything else – for free. First, I’ve had to prop up the sides of the sump. Since I will be walking around the edge a lot, the last thing I want is for the side to give away and knock over the whole set-up! After that, I needed to line the sump with plastic and add water. Next, I had to nail the supports together to make them stronger and to make a platform on which I can rest the growing beds. Lastly, I am building the beds that will (hopefully) be home to 12 vanilla vines in the near future.Seeing it all come together slowly is a great relief, however slowly, behind schedule and over-budget it may be!

Until next time, Bridge