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Building our farm

Hello from Andapa!

I have finally arrived at the homestay and am astonished! It is wonderful here, but I will talk more it on another post. I have immediately started working on building the farm. FINALLY. For context, my lovely host is letting me build the farm in his otherwise gorgeous garden. Bad news: I have to remove all the stones and pebbles from his pathway in order to do so. And so it was that I spent roughly 6 hours putting rocks in a bucket and making them into a big pile, much to the amusement of anyone passing by.

The reason I had to move the rocks was this: now I need to dig out a sump tank. As you may well know (or can find out at aquaponics uses fish waste to water and feed crops for mutual benefit. The problem is that as the water the flows out, the fluctuating water levels can stress the fish. In order to prevent this, I am building in a reservoir of water, pumping into the fish tank, that will be constantly maintaining the water level for the fish.So here’s the thing, that in theory means that I have to have the same capacity for water in the sump as I do in the growing beds. In practise, this means I have to dig a very big hole. I had originally hoped to buy some large plastic containers out here to act as the tanks, but it turns out there is only one or two plastic manufacturers in the country and they were quite literally charging $1000 for a 500l plastic box, so I have elected to NOT do that. And so the neighbourhood was treated to the sight of me hauling buckets of mud and sand for the rest of the day, to their unrestrained delight. Needless to say it has been an exhausting day, but also a very productive one! Night!