Aquaponics in Madagascar

Our goal is to create better options for environmental projects to self-fund in Madagascar. One major problem facing all environmental projects is this: how can we pay for it? Locked into competition with one another to gain funding through donations and grants, every time one project starts to make more money, it is taking funds from somewhere else. In order to make lasting progress at a speed necessary to combat current levels of destruction, we believe that eco-projects need to be able to self-fund.

Vanilla is the world's second most expensive spice, and is grown widely in Madagascar as a cash crop. We are currently working on the means to improve, increase and accelerate the production of vanilla. If we are successful, this would then open up new avenues for self-funding environmental projects in Madagascar.

Over the course of 2017, we built and then operated a small aquaponic farm to see if vanilla could be grown aquaponically. We are happy to announce that yes it can! You can learn more about how that went with these links to our blog and to our page about the pilot project.

Picking Our Battles

Why Madagascar?

Madagascar has some of the world's most exotic and unique habitats, nearly 97% of species there occur nowhere else in the world! Yet these species are under a huge number of threats which may soon cause this delicate ecosystem to collapse completely. Want to know more? Read Here

Living in a House of Cards

What's at Stake?

Madagascar is a beautiful place, but with many problems facing its wildlife. If we are successful in growing vanilla, it will allow us to generate our own funding to start tackling them all head-on. Want to know more?

The Science Behind the Magic

How Do Aquaponics Work?

Aquaponic farms are effectively powered by fish. Fish create nutrients within a pool, and then their water is cleaned by feeding that water to crops. This is why unlike most other farms, aquaponic farms do not need soil or fertiliser to function! Want to find out more details?

A Silver Bullet?

Why Vanilla?

Vanilla is a remarkably valuable crop that is widely grown across Madagascar. By improving its yields we can take on the issues at hand in way that co-operates with Madagascan people and addresses their needs as well. Find out more here.