Insect Farming

We are always looking for win-win solutions to large scale problems, and ways to turn issues into opportunities. One of the greatest problems in the world is food supply; every year millions of people go without proper nutrition and suffer and die as a result. At the same time, we throw away millions of tonnes of food every year, and are rapidly running out of land to maintain the current production of meat for an ever-expanding market.

One solution that may solve several of these issues at once is raising crickets. In many cultures around the world, eating insects is common place and health experts are generally very positive about the effects of eating insects long-term. Our hope is to develop a way to raise crickets and other insects for human and animal consumption to meet demand and to supplant the current, far more destructive practices we have, such as depleting our fisheries to feed livestock raised on lands cleared of rain forest.

What are we doing?

Over the course of 2020, we will design, build and then operate a small cricket farm to test to see if our designs work and can produce crickets efficiently enough. Then we will try to expand the farm and spread the technology to increase the environmental benefits.


Why are we doing this?

You may be wondering, "why are they doing this?", "what are the benefits?" or "why not a more popular form of livestock?", click here to find out why we have chosen to focus on this type of agriculture, and what it could mean for the environment.

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