The root of many problems

A Broad Issue

According to the IMF, in 2015 Madagascar was the world's 5th poorest country, with 28% of rural households lacking proper access to food. Madagascar is ranked 4th for chronic malnutrition and as a result, nearly half of children there suffer from growth stunting.

Feeding Other Problems

As people try to claim new lands to feed themselves, they burn forests to do so. This exposes the soil to erosion, which leaves less and less land with soil and therefore useless to future agriculture, exacerbating food supply problems. This also causes habitat fragmentation, which in turn impacts the ability of wildlife to recover from each successive burning.

Driving Bushmeat Hunting

As the food crisis continues, more and more people in rural communities have taken up bushmeat hunting to compensate. Unfortunately, many of the species being targeted are unique to the island, have small populations and take many years to mature. If we want to stop the targeting of Madagascar's increasingly vulnerable animals, we need to develop some way to provide food to Madagascan people.