At Risk

One chance to save it all

Other Side of the Coin

Madagascar isn't just a wonderland with an incredible range of unique species. It is an island beset with many challenges; hunger, deforestation and  soil loss to mention a few. These things directly threaten the natural wealth of the island and so we want to work here to fight them.

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Fighting Poverty

Many of the problems we find already have solutions, but organisations on the ground lack resources to create a lasting solution. Our project aims to actively create funding, whilst also tackling some of these complex issues. This should accelerate conservation efforts to save these habitats in time, while also giving back to local communities.

Time's Running Out

 As an island of highly specialised species, these threats are amplified - the wildlife can't move away! Over 90% of lemur species are endangered with populations decreasing across the board. We need to act, decisively and quickly to resolve these issues to allow life on Madagascar to continue flourishing.