Madagascar's Range of Ecosystems

One island with many worlds

An Island of Wonders

While have focused our research in tropical areas because of the intensity of biodiversity found there, the simple fact is that there are many different ecosystems on Madagascar. It has deserts and savannas, highlands, crags, mangroves, as well as many different types of forests, each teeming with unique forms of life.

Under the Sea

While Madagascar is rightfully acclaimed for the variety of life it has on land, it also has bustling marine ecosystems. Off the coast of this great island you can easily see humpback whales, sharks and coral reefs; some of the most complex ecosystems on Earth

Safety Nets

The variety of Madagascar is not only great for its wildlife, it helps people too. For example, if there is a drought in one area, crops adapted to another area can be sent to help and prevent a famine.

rainforest madagascar.jpg