New Species

New wonders round every corner

Weird and Wonderful

While Madagascar has a whole range charismatic species, some of it's most exotic species are only just now being discovered. In recent years a swathe of discoveries have been made including a lizard capable of shedding its scales like a snake!

Life-saving Medication

One way in which the natural world has much to offer is by providing new sources of medicine. In Madagascar's case, the Madagascan periwinkle, a roadside weed, has given us great insight into fighting and beating cancer. Knowing that other such treasures may lie hidden, we must protect where these species live.

So Much Left to Explore

Madagascar has always fascinated naturalists, from Darwin to Attenborough, and still has many secrets left to yield. Exploring, discovering and protecting these species benefits all of us, whether in medicine, agriculture or even our understanding of evolution and our own origins.