Palm Oil In the Desert

Palm oil is one of those most dangerous and pervasive of the threats to rain forests today. It is grown on almost every continent and displaces prime habitat. It is also one of the most useful products we make on the planet, it is in everything: cookies, toothpaste, jet fuel, soap,... the list goes on. It is almost impossible to avoid using palm oil and so we are trying to find a win-win solution: palm oil in deserts, palm oil that doesn't cost the Earth.

We are trying to find affordable techniques for growing palm oil in this challenging environment. At it's heart it will come down to three main drives: making cheap soil proxies, greenhouse design and making biochar production more efficient.

Why in the Desert?

We are often asked, "why would you grow that in the desert?!". There are a great many reasons to do so, so please click here to find out why!

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Why Palm Oil?

Click here if you want to explore what we are doing, what we want to achieve, and why! If you are interested in keeping track of how we are getting on, please click here.

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