Food For Forests

Food For Forests seeks to tackle environmental problems by developing projects that not only tackle large-scale problems, but do so with wide, net-positive impacts and in such a way that they can at least self-fund. It is our profound hope to create a world in which people do not have to choose between living in balance with nature and their livelihoods. If you look below you can see some of the projects we are currently working on, donate towards our work, or even follow what we are doing through our blog.


Fighting to Save a Jewel

Our Work in Madagascar

We have been working for some years now on a form of farming that should not only be able to deliver a more reliable and varied diet to people in Madagascar, but also yield greater harvests of vanilla, one of the world's most valuable cash-crops. Find out more.

Industrialising the Fight Against Climate Change

Working with Biochar

We have also been working to produce and use biochar in novels ways. Biochar is a non-biodegradable form of carbon that can be added to soils. It holds great promise not only for clearing our atmosphere, but also enriching our soils. Find out more here


Exploring New Possibilities

Palm Oil: Friend or Foe?

We have also begun working on trying to cultivate palm oil trees in arid conditions. Palm oil is not only the world's leading source of vegetable oils and biofuel, it is also the largest single driver of habitat destruction in tropical regions. Find out more here.

Putting Waste to Work

Intensive Insect Farming

Insects will likely be the protein source of the future. We have already created designs for new forms of farming that will allow for large-scale raising of insects, both as feed-stock for other farm animals, and to make specialist foods for human consumption. Find out more here

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